She completed her Biochemistry studies in Paris, where she also specialized in Genomics. She obtained a Master degree in Medical Research and her Doctorate “cum laude” in Medicine from Oviedo University.

Dr. Eiró has carried out various pieces of research, from projects on HIV at the Cochin Institute in Paris (France); through the genomic analysis of tumor progression at the Gustave Roussy Institute in Paris (France); the research on the different signaling pathways involved in tumor suppression and autoimmunity at the National Center of Biotechnology (CSIC – Madrid); to the studies on the therapeutic potential of stem cells from adults. At present, she is working at the Research Unit of the Jove Hospital Foundation, she is the secretary of the Research Committee of that institution, and is  Member of the European Academy of Tumor Immunology.

The fact that she has taken part in 12 financed research projects has open the chance for her to publish over 60 scientific papers in relevant international journals (index H: 22), to supervise 7 doctoral theses, to be the intellectual author of 2 patents, and to have been awarded 2 scientific prizes for taking part in projects related to Crohn’s disease (ulcerative colitis) and breast cancer.