Our stem cells and their secretome

Mesenchymal stem cells from the human uterine cervix – human Uterine Cervical Stem Cells, hUCESCs – present a number of advantages among other MSCs, which make them really special in the context of regenerative medicine:

  • They can be easily obtained in a non-aggressive way through the simple gynecologic cytology that women undergo worldwide.
  • Once extracted, they present a high proliferation rate in vitro, which allow us to obtain large quantities of them, as well as the product derived from their culture (conditioned medium -CM – or secretome).
  • CM-hUCESCs (even when freeze-dried) is composed of substances secreted by the cells that have regenerative and immunoregulatory properties which are more potent than that obtained from other adult MSCs.

Mechanism of Action

hUCESCs, the master switch that regulates the processes taking place in the cervical transformation zone through a paracrine mechanism (conditioned media, CM)